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New age people are very much busy with their own work. Every day they are fighting to win the battle of life.
They are confounded in a big, busy, congested city. Tensions, frustrations are the common thing for every body. When they want an escape from all this boring things Brevard Zoo Coupons bring a golden opportunity to spent a whole day with some wild animal at Brevard zoo is one of the big zoos of Florida, but it is not an ancient zoo. This zoo was founded in 1994. It is located in Melbourne, Florida. It contains 577 animals of 165 species in a 50 acres area. This zoo is beautifully designed with a division of four loops.
1. Expedition Africa
2. Expedition Australia or Asia
3. Wild Florida
4. La Selva

This four interesting loops are connected to the main loop, which encircles the Flamingo Pond.
Most innovative part of this zoo, which one can explore with , is its exhibition of robotics or animated Dinosaurs. These Dinosaurs are exhibits according its inheritance. Like,
• Dilophosaurus
• Omeisaurus
• Deinonychus
• Megalosaurus

Brevard Zoo Coupons 2013
• Euoplocephalus
• Spinosaurus
• Tyrannosaurus
• Pachycephalosaurus
This zoo is very much different from other zoos of America. It contains a Wild life Training Academy, for younger children. In Expedition Africa, we can enjoy the kayak trip. Through this trip, we can come to know about some African exhibits like, giraffes, white rhinos and ostriches with an informative dialogue. In Australian loop, we can find the great cheetahs, Siamang gibbons etc. They provide a train ride around the lemur island, which named Cape to Cairo Express. Many other rare wild animals like various birds, bobcats, river otters, green iguanas, Baird’s Tapir, red wolf, crocodiles etc. There is also a wet land environment for pedal boat. Regular admission charges to visit the zoo are:
• $ 14.50 for adult’s admission without Coupons for Brevard Zoo.
• Regular charges for senior citizen is $13.50
• Free for kids, less than two years.
• Children of 2 years to twelve years is $10.50
• "BZ" Coupons provide a great savings with group admission.

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For a group of 15 or above one can get a good cost reduction on every single ticket with . Senior citizen of 65 years older and military personnel can get $1 off on single ticket by using Zoo Brevard Coupons. Members can get a huge saving and a free admission offer with Brevard Zoo Coupons deals.
are available on local newspapers. The Entertainment Book published many Brevard Zoo Coupons. Their official websites provides every current news about Brevard Zoo discounts. Face book, Twitter and their own newsletter are a good choice for all information about Brevard Zoo Coupons.

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